These drinking rules are based on the ones found in "Tournaments, Fairs, and Taverns" by Natural Press.  They have been adapted to work with Pathfinder, and to work more like normal poisons.

Alcohol is an ingested poison, Fort DC 12.  It uses the stacking rules.  Its onset time is 10 minutes, and its effect is to move 1 step up the drunkenness chart (below).  Its duration is 1 round after the onset time.  It is affected by Delay Poison as usual; Neutralize Poison resets your drunkenness level to "Sober" and your save penalty to 0.

For simplicity: strong or extra large drinks are just counted as two doses.  Bars will serve you drinks appropriate to your size.  Humans get served pints; dwarves get slightly larger pints; halflings get halfs, that's why they're called "halflings".

Doses of alcohol stack differently from usual poisons:

1. each extra drink pushes the save DC up by 2 for future drinks, whether  you make the save or not (usual: if you make the initial save, the DC does not go up)

2. the duration is handled differently.  Everybody has a "recovery time", based on your Constitution bonus.  Your recovery time is  (1 hour / (1 + max(0, constitution bonus))), so

Constitution Recovery Time
1 – 11 1 hour
12 – 13 30 minutes
14 – 15 20 minutes
16 – 17 15 minutes
18 – 19 12 minutes
20 – 21 10 minutes

Every interval of recovery time, your save penalty drops by 2 (i.e. 1 drink), to a minimum of 0, and your drunkenness level drops by one increment.

Each time you fail a Fortitude save against ingested alcohol, you move one spot up the Drunkenness Chart.  You start at Sober.



Checks 1




Checks 3


HP / Die


Check DC 4

Tipsy -1 +1 +1      
Merry -2 +2 +2 +1 10  
Drunk -4 +4 +4 +2 10 5
Hammered -8 +8 -4 +3 10 5
Plastered -16 +16 -8 +4 10 6
Unconscious           7

1 – Attack rolls, reflex and will saves (except those vs fear effects), dexterity-based skills and checks, intelligence-based skills and checks, and wisdom-based skills and checks.  This includes concentration checks if your spell-casting is based on intelligence, wisdom, or dexterity.

2 - Will saves vs fear effects and Intimidate Defense

3 - Charisma-based skills and checks; this includes concentration checks if your spell-casting is based on charisma.

4 – You must make a concentration check vs this + spell level to cast spells or use spell-like abilities; penalties apply.

5 - Slurred speech.  You can safely take one standard action each round, but must make an Acrobatics check (DC 10) to both move and take an action; falls prone on a failure.  Check penalties apply.

6 – Communication is nearly impossible.  You can safely take one move action each round, but must make an Acrobatics Check (DC 10) to take a single Standard action; on a failure you fall prone and are stunned for 1d6 rounds.  You cannot take more than one standard action in a round in any circumstances.

7 – You fall unconscious for 2 hours, and are then asleep for 2d6 hours.    When you wake up or are awakened, you are then nauseated for 1 hour.


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