You are the Skeggvasons, the sons of the Ulfen farmer Gull-Skeggi and his wife Gudrun.  Gull-Skeggi was once a famed viking raider, but since the Linnorm Kings have forbidden that he has taken to farming … and brooding.  Gull-Skeggi's home is Skeggvarshold in the far western Thanelands, near the border with Icemark.  Skeggvarshold is at the center of a nice chunk of arable land around Feyjasfjord.  King Sveinn's grasp is faintly felt this far from Kalsgard.
   Skeggvarshold is one of a sparse cluster of about 20 farms, total population roughly 300.  The land is fertile but unpopular due to the proximity of Kalva, an island of crazed berserkers.  All the holdings are quite well defended, and generally sport a decent wall.
   The PCs don't all have to be descended from or even related to Gull-Skeggi, but they have to live at Skeggvarshold and have some good reason to go on adventures with the Skeggvasons and Gudrunsdottirs if not.  If someone wants to play a thrall we can probably work something out – see Thralls

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