Alignment in the Thanelands

   We will be using alignment.  The game effects of alignment are as usual.  The definitions of alignment are a bit different, however, reflecting the Ulfen culture.  Creatures generally will have their usual alignments, but will act according to these rules.
   Here are some example actions; anything not listed here works the same way it does in the standard alignment definitions.

Non-aligned actions
   killing your neighbor in a fit of drunken rage
   stealing from foreigners in their own lands
   killing anybody in battle
   letting an unconscious foe bleed out
   failure to render aid on land

Evil actions
   hiding in the back during a melee (minor)
   killing your own thrall in a fit of drunken rage (minor)
   failure to render aid at sea
   couping an unconscious foe (applies to "people"-type foes only)

Evil and chaotic actions
   turning a house-guest over to his enemies
   not announcing that you have killed your neighbor in a fit of drunken rage ("secret murder");

Lawful actions
   accepting weregild for a wrong someone has committed against you
   accepting the judgment of a court against you without starting a fight
   turning away an outlaw who you might otherwise have reason to help

Chaotic actions
   refusing to accept weregild, demanding vengeance instead
   helping an outlaw (in addition to being chaotic, to do this risks outlawry yourself if found out; because of the risk involved it can be a good action as well as chaotic)
   rejecting the judgment of a court against you

Good actions
   fighting bravely at great risk to yourself
   going to a lot of trouble to aid a house-guest, particularly one not related to you


Alignment in the Thanelands

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