Falling Star

Treasure - Week 2

I didn't keep track of who took and now has which potions; I will assume you have those on your character sheets.  I will only list the potions from the svartalfar in the big downstairs battle and the thoqqua handler.  Ditto for scrolls.

You have the opportunity to take quite a bit of the svartalfar black steel arms and armor, if you want to lug them.  The dvergr don't want the stuff and recommend you don't use it either – it's shoddily made and has the stink of the svartalfar on it.  They say that if it is ever exposed to sunlight, even briefly, it will start a process of decay that will lead to the stuff completely falling apart within a few days; sustained exposure will destroy it in minutes.  But if you are determined, fine, you won it in fair combat.  Here is the lot of treasure including all the arms and armor:

from the medic: magic black steel morningstar (at least +1), silver dagger, studded leather armor, tindertwig, two healer's kits, 8 sleep poison antidote puffballs, 2 obscuring mist globes, spell component pouch, 27 gp

from the one on the ceiling: mw black steel hand crossbow, 3 magical black steel bolts that are funny-looking and almost certainly poisoned, magic black steel longsword, leather armor, 50 gp

from the two that were menacing the children: black steel chainmail x2 , black steel longsword x2, javelin x2, black steel dagger x2, a total of 30 gp

from the leader: magic studded leather (no black steel involved), mw black steel shortsword, mw black steel hand crossbow, 6 mw black steel poison bolts, 3 acid flasks, a silver holy symbol of some unknown god or demon lord, two magic feathers, a svartalfar cure light wounds potion

from her two guards: one mw and one magic black steel longsword, black steel light crossbows, one mw and one magic black steel chainmail, a svartalfar haste potion, a total of 77 gp

from the thoqqua handler: mw black steel chain shirt, magical black steel mace – from watching her use it you think it's probably +1 or better and shock; black steel hand crossbow with 20 bolts (not poisoned), 10 gp

from the bugbear: morningstar, 3 javelins, black steel shield, leather armor, 25 gp

from the hobgoblins: longbow x 2, longsword x 2, dagger x 2, studded leather x 2, a total of 20 gp

If you took potions off the dead dvergr and didn't use them, probably nobody is going to be the wiser if you hang on to them.

Dvergshol also has extensive mundane gear if anybody needs it.  Cold weather gear, snowshoes, rope, 10' poles, that sort of thing: as much as you want.  We can talk about supplies and sled loading in another post.  The dvergr gather up all of the best toolkits for the professions that they have and bring those.

There is a coin collection mounted on the wall in the creche, where the kids were.  The kids want to take it.  It is worth 300ish gp, weighs 10#, is fairly fragile (so it weighs 15# when packed to travel), and gives a +5 competence bonus to any knowledge checks involving coins.  And it's theirs, but it seems likely it is going to be installed somewhere at Skeggvarshold for a while.


Everybody thinks it’s a good idea to be out of Dvergshol inside an hour. The Dvergr and presumably the thralls spent the hour slapping together the additional sleds and loading them. They would certainly appreciate help from any competent carpenters in the group, or otherwise help loading, or you can spend the hour doing whatever else you want.

Treasure - Week 2
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