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Sled-loading post

Where we left off was the rag-tag band of dvergr refugees and the Skeggvasons had gone one day back along the trail toward Skeggvarshold, and then stopped and spent one day fixing the sleds.  At dwarf-in-snowshoes speeds you have 14 more days of travel to get down – assuming the weather holds.  If someone were to go from this point on skis it would just take something like 4 days, because it's more downhill than up.

It sounds like food isn't a problem as long as Torin is casting Goodberry. There aren't plentiful edible berries in the middle of winter; there are all the holly berries you could want, except they're poisonous. (Even though it doesn't specifically say so in the spell description, I am going to rule that you can't cast Goodberry on inedible or poisonous berries – poisonous berries are not Good.)  If someone spends a day foraging specifically for edible berries, and he gets a 10 or better on the Survival roll, he will find a berry plant with enough for the spell.  For each additional person he could feed with that Survival check he finds enough for an additional casting.  When you are just foraging for berries like this, you don't feed anybody, you just find the berries.

After reading this http://www.homesteadingtoday.com/livestock-forums/pigs/423553-cold-weather-pigs.html I think the hogs will need Endure Elements one per hog per day traveling or they will risk getting frostbite or ill.  If you are stopped for a day they can pile together under blankets instead.  Mother Snowspike can cast 3/day if she uses her entire spell load for it (Ieaving her one domain spell), which leaves Skodi responsible for the other three – I remember that he has the spell.

If folks want to keep any of the black steel stuff, and if you aren't intending to carry it on your back, figure out what it weighs because it needs to go on the sleds.  The dwarf kids also need to go on the sleds if they aren't going to slow the expedition down even further; they weigh 90# (Luna) and 60# (Skorvi, whose full name strangely turns out to be Skorvir – he is delighted when he finds out that one of his rescuers is a bigger Skorvir.)  The hogs can move through snow as fast as the dwarves. 


Someone will need to make one DC 10 Handle Animal check per day to avoid a Hog Incident.  Driving hogs down an icy or snowy road in the middle of winter for days on end is not easy.  The person making the check is spending the day driving the hogs; he cannot be pulling a sled, foraging, or scouting.

You have your two good sleds and one dvergr good sled, plus three dvergr crappy ad hoc sleds that after the first day of travel were rebuilt into mediocre sleds that at least won't fall apart before you get back to Skeggvarshold.

It looks like the suggested way we determine the sled load is the Light load for the person pulling it, which is stupid – why even have sleds then?  Unless someone else knows a rule for this, I am going to arbitrarily say that load on a sled encumbers you at half the rate of load on your back.  For reference Miika is Str 14 (light 58#, medium 116#, heavy 175#), the four dvergr most likely to pull a sled are Str 13 (light 50#, medium 100#, heavy 150#).  You cannot have multiple people pulling the same sled at the same time, but you can take shifts if it helps.  Because you are moving so slowly it might be possible for non-dvergr to carry heavy loads on their backs.

Additional stuff not on the treasure list:

15 14-gallon kegs of dwaven stout, 120# each, (1800# total)

46 person-days of dwarven trail rations (69#)

90 person-days of other preserved food (250#)

coin collection (15#)

the dvergr's assorted mw tools (61#, and that is after arguing them down to just the absolutely essential stuff)

Luna & Skorvi (150#)

the Blood Star (150#)


Further note: dvergr aren’t slowed by encumbrance so they can pull a sled loaded at 2x their heavy load (i.e. 300#) at normal speed. I work out if you throw everything except the black steel loot on the 6 sleds and have the half-orc plus five dvergr pulling, you are about 500# over. So far this has been handled by each of Skorvir, Miika, Torin, and Mother Snowspike carrying a keg. This is probably enough to encumber all of the non-dvergr so you might want to look at other solutions.

Sled-loading post
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