Gull-Skeggi (Skeggvar) Lagdarson

Head of Skeggvarshold and Gotha of Gorum


Gull-Skeggi is a human fighter, about sixty. He has a long, straight, pale blond hair and beard. He primarily wields a battleaxe, and carries javelins for ranged combat.

He’s also the local gotha of Gorum, although he isn’t a cleric.

He has some minor arcane magic powers – cantrips and first-level spells, mostly. Nobody is sure how he does this.


In his youth, Gull-Skeggi was the mightiest of the Feyjasfjord Vikings, who were feared throughout the Steaming Sea. When some twenty years ago the Linnorm King Sveinn Blood-Eagle declared the viking age to be at an end, Gull-Skeggi was one of the last to be pacified. Eventually, a powerful ranger, a relative of King Sveinn – having followed Gull-Skeggi’s longboat in a small coracle for many months – caught up with him on Kalva, where he was hiding from the King’s fleets among the cannibals. She slew or injured almost his entire crew before being defeated in single combat by Skeggi; but lacking enough crew to carry on, he returned to Feyjasfjord, settled down as a farmer, and married the ranger (Gudrun).

Farming has not suited him well. In the dark of winter Gull-Skeggi gets very depressed and spends most of his time drunk. The farm only needs tending to in the summers, when he is well.

Gull-Skeggi says he got the appelation “Gull” because he traveled the seas as much as a seagull. His enemies have hinted that there is some story of him eating a seagull, but nobody dares bring this up around him.

Gull-Skeggi (Skeggvar) Lagdarson

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