Gudrun Helgasdottir

Mistress of Skeggvarshold


Gudrun is a human ranger, female, a handsome fifty or fifty-five.

She has a magic longsword that hangs over the hearth at Skeggvarshold; it howls if anybody except her touches it. She is also very skilled with the bow.


Gudrun is a second cousin once removed of the Linnorm King Sveinn Blood-Eagle. She grew up in Kalsgard, where she trained as a ranger; when King Sveinn decided that the viking age must end, Gudrun rose to the head of his anti-vikings.

After she tracked down Gull-Skeggi, one of the most notorious holdout vikings, she was finally defeated in single combat – but only after she had single-handedly killed almost his entire crew. This left them almost alone in savage Kalva under threat from berserker cannibals. They decided to return to Feyjasfjord, get married, and take up farming.

Most of the crew Gudrun killed came from the Feyjasfjord area, so she is not popular with the neighbors – almost everybody has had a cousin or nephew slain by her. Because she was on the King’s business at the time, she didn’t have to pay any wergild for these deaths. Over the years she’s just added to the total, because people keep attacking her trying to get vengeance.

Gudrun Helgasdottir

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