Falling Star

Week 4 - Aftermath

Further back in the firenewt lair you find some evidence that there were some more of them, maybe noncombatants or cowards.  You never saw them, though.

Miika never made it home.

The folk at Feyjasfjord are now calling you Skodi the Wise and Thrag the Unmanly (although the latter, not to Thrag's face so much).

Your skald was back at Skeggvarshold when you got home.  Since there was necessarily a return expedition with sleds – and thralls to drag them – to collect all the armor and gold (the gold still being attached to a broken-up statue at that point), he can meet Old Man Steam, Gloob the magmin, and the two salamanders (whose names turned out to be Cinder and Spite) if he's interested.



jpmodisette jpmodisette

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