Falling Star

Week 3 - Aftermath

Relations between the Skeggvasons and the Hallgrimsons are peaceable again.

Bjarkur Bolg, the bridge troll, is now friendly with Thrag.  He didn't see the rest of the PCs in the fight at the bridge, so he isn't any friendlier to them than he was before, i.e., he will eat them given the opportunity.  Somehow, when he healed from that mauling, he seems to have gotten bigger.  He calls Thrag "littenork", Giant for "little orc".

There is still a bunch of undistributed treasure from before, which your skald is sitting on.  I no longer have any real record of this so it would probably be best if it got distributed.  It seems like one thing was missing from the treasure from Dvergshol – the bugbear slave-driver had a necklace with opals in it worth 350 gp.  If John didn't have this written down, I must have forgotten it, so yes you have that.

The dvergr (except for Mother Snowspike and the kids) spend the next week sleeping 20+ hours a day.  If asked, Mother Snowspike will explain this is a side-effect of their working all day and night for a week to get the wall built.

After that, Kelvin Ironbeard, the dvergr architect, fixes the damaged gate.  Gull-Skeggi provides the materials and money.

Everybody levels up to 3.  Note that if you haven't spent any, you now have 3 hero points; 3 is the most you can have.  If you continue to not spend them and level up again, you will not get a fourth hero point.

If you want to pick up additional languages: the dvergr are happy to teach dwarven or undercommon to anybody who wants to learn.  One of the dvergr speaks Terran but he doesn't also speak Skald, so he will teach that to anybody who wants to learn it and who already speaks dwarven.  Bjarkur Bolg will be happy to teach  Thrag to speak giant.


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