Falling Star

Treasure - Week 1

From the fight with the Hallgrimsons:

- Ullveig's hair, including 24 rings (240 gp value)

From crossing the mouth of Feyjasfjord on Asborg Gunnarson's skiff:

- you paid him 2 rings

From the barbegazi

- barbegazi ice sword – small-sized shortsword apparently made of ice: it glows blue (5' radius light), does 1d6 cold damage per round to wielder; probably the dwarves can wrap the hilt to protect against this.  May have other properties – the blade is certainly just as cold as the hilt, for one thing.

- 7 rings, a potion, two small daggers and a small short sword, and a wine skin full of very nice wine


jpmodisette jpmodisette

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